150320 Berliner Demografie Forum

Beim Berliner Demografie Forum 2015

„Aktivität – Gesundheit – Teilhabe“ war das Motto des 4. Berliner Demografie Forums. Drei Tage lang wurden in zahlreichen Panels die unterschiedlichsten und gerade auch internationalen Aspekte der demografiepolitischen Debatte beleuchtet. Die European School of Management and Tachnology (ESMT) war auch in diesem Jahr wieder Gastgeberin des dreitägigen Forums.

Beim exklusiven Frühstück für Sprecher und Parlamentarier hatte ich die Möglichkeit, in Kürze einige Gedanken zu den demografiepolitischen Chancen und Herausforderungen sowie zu meiner Arbeit zu äußern:

„Thank you for the opportunity to share a couple of ideas with you.I have been given two minutes an I believe that is meant quite literally,so let me very briefly highlight three aspects:

Firstly the method I work with.
Secondly something that is of concern to me.
And last but not least the chance that I see and that is very important to me.

When I took over the issue of demografic change with the beginning of this legislative period I decided that instead of the geographic consideration – that is looking into the emptying regions or the filling cities – our working process should rather move along the life course of a person. We are looking at what the individual person needs in the different stages of his or her life in an aging society. The aim is to come up with a consistent strategy at end of this process.

That brings me to the second issue that I would like to adress: I believe that we should look into the question of democracy in this aging world. It is inceasingly the elder generation that takes the decisions, but it’s the young that have to live in the environment we are creating. I am convinced that we need to give more voice, more possibilities of participation to the young.

And now to the chance I see: I really strongly believe that we should not only adopt to demographic change, but to seize the chance to create an added value: I think that most demografic questions have three dimensions: the personal, the society and the ‚Added Value‘.

Let me finish with an example for this:

The working world will change, will have to change and we consider the working potential of women as one way out of the shortage of skilled work.

The personal dimension: the individual women might see as a chance to work more and to generate a pension that she can live on the society dimension obiously is that we fill the shortage in the workforce.

And the Added Value should be gender justice in the working environment

So let’s seize the chances. Thank you.“